Stanford Lineman Plans to Honor Hero

Stanford Lineman Plans to Honor Hero

The anchor of Stanford's defensive line lost his footing when learning about the recent death of Cardinal assistant coach Chester McGlockton.

Terrence Stephens, a big-hearted nose guard from Gaithersburg, Md., took it as hard as any member of the fourth-ranked team.

"He couldn't drive, he couldn't talk," his mother, Tracey Stephens, recalled.

"He was hysterical."

Later that November day, Stephens sat alone in front of "Coach Chester's" office at Stanford to reflect on how much the man meant to him. McGlockton, a four-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman for the Raiders, died at age 42. The Alameda County Coroner's office expects to announce the cause of death early next month.

Stephens has a tribute planned when Stanford (11-1) faces No. 3 Oklahoma State (11-1) next Monday in the Fiesta Bowl.

"I want the whole country to see just how much he meant to us," said Stephens, a 6-foot-2, 295-pound junior.

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