Top 10 Sporting Gaffes of 2011

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The 2011 sporting year had its share of blunders, from head coaches who didn't know how to work the phone to golfers who couldn't connect with a tee shot. Yahoo! Sports Blogs counts down the best of these mistakes in our list of the top 10 gaffes of 2011.

10. Roscoe Smith's buzzer beater with 11 seconds left

Every now and then you'll see a basketball player release a buzzer beater with too much time left on the clock and you'll say to yourself, "if that were me, I'd have taken three more steps and shot closer to the basket," because it's much easier to keep track of time when you're sitting on your couch and watching the clock than it is while playing in the actual game. Point is, it's hard to know exactly when to...

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