Oregon's Unnoticed Defense Up to Task

Oregon's Unnoticed Defense Up to Task

Nick Aliotti has done a nice job coordinating Oregon's defense if you consider he has to plot each week against two offenses — the opponent's and his.

This week, Aliotti is prepping Oregon for Monday's 98th Rose Bowl game against Wisconsin.

The Badgers average 44.6 points per game and appear to be playing downhill, against you, on a slanted field.

Wisconsin has a running back, Montee Ball, who has scored 38 touchdowns and a quarterback, Russell Wilson, who can run, pass and probably belt out the national anthem.

This is different than Oregon preparing for Cam Newton in last season's national title game.

"The offense truly ran through him," Aliotti said during a news conference Wednesday. "It was Cam left, Cam right, Cam over there and Cam over there. I think Russell Wilson is the leader of that offense, but he has a lot of supporting cast."

Aliotti also has to account for his own offense. Oregon's up-tempo style is so unconventional and explosive it has changed the way Oregon plays defense.

Oregon's offense averages 46 points per game while ranking last in the country, No. 120, in time of possession. "We go so fast we score in less than a minute or we can be out in less than a minute," Aliotti said.

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