A New Era in Bengals Ownership?

A New Era in Bengals Ownership?

You figure it was a pragmatic decision. Mike Brown gathered his front office lieutenants, that small, feisty band of strivers who are paid well and deserve to be, and said to them, “Show me a plan that can fill my stadium."

It wouldn't be a matter of public relations, even though image is paramount, because Mike has little regard for image. He's not exactly Andre Agassi, hawking cameras.

It wouldn't be about throwing a bone to the faithful, either, even though that's what it amounted to. There was one particular 3-13 season in the Lost Decade of the 90s when Brown had his PR folks distribute a press release announcing price increases, before his players had time to remove their shoulder pads from the last, lousy game. So, no. Bones to the masses weren't primary in the thinking.

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