Wilson Finds Good Fit at Wisconsin

Wilson Finds Good Fit at Wisconsin

Media day at the Rose Bowl is something like media day at the Super Bowl, except that the fewer-in-numbers horde granted entrance to the former is confined to a hotel ballroom as opposed to a stadium.

That doesn't mean the questions get any smarter.

For example, the uniforms to be worn Monday were trotted out for public consumption Friday morning.

Wisconsin's, to be expected, are conservative, befitting the program's image. Except for a couple of minor tweaks and imperceptible gewgaws, they are the Badgers' typically modest costumes.

Oregon's, as one would also suspect, look like a duck hit a semi windshield on the I-5 sprint down from Eugene. Oregon is gaudy that way because it can be. Neighboring Nike gives the school a lot of money for the football team to dress like a designer running shoe.

So, naturally, somebody asked UW quarterback Russell Wilson if the shiny Ducks helmets might cause the Badgers to become. . . disoriented?

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