A-Rod's Stats a 2-Edged Sword

A-Rod's Stats a 2-Edged Sword

Even after all the hype over all the years, it’s difficult to overstate the brilliance of Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

At 36, he’s the career leader among third basemen with 112.5 Wins Above Replacement (a measure that considers a player’s contributions as a batter, a fielder and a base runner).

Granted, he’s played more games at shortstop than third. And among shortstops, Rodriguez’s WAR ranks second to only Honus Wagner, a Dead Ball Era star who retired during the First World War.

If Alex Rodriguez never hits another home run or fields another ground ball, he’ll rank among the two dozen or so greatest players in the long history of the game.

At the same time, it’s now difficult to overstate how much money the Yankees will probably have wasted on Rodriguez’s services.

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