Oregon's Coach K Can Learn From Another

Oregon's Coach K Can Learn From Another

The guy could really coach. He was terrific in the regular season, and well respected nationally, and he won all sorts of games, but once he got to the big stage, well, he just couldn't win the big one.

This was summer 1990 in college basketball and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski had just been to his fourth Final Four in five seasons. He was 0-for-4 and bound to go down as a complete failure for his inability to win a championship despite all the near misses.

So, Chip Kelly, you ready to take the big step?

Because in the 1990 NCAA championship, his fourth try, Krzyzewski got blown out by 30 by UNLV. The Boston Celtics called. And so the guy with all the high-profile struggles was given the out of a lifetime, and a chance to leave all that failure behind. And what Krzyzewski did next defines him now as the winningest coach in college basketball history.

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