NFL's Top Seeds All Offense, No Defense

NFL's Top Seeds All Offense, No Defense

Those roads that wind through Foxborough and Green Bay on the path to Super Bowl XLVI?

They’re actually speedways.

The New England Patriots landed the No. 1 AFC’s playoff seed Sunday with a 49-21 home win over Buffalo. Green Bay, which had already secured that NFC standing in Week 16, was involved in its own wild postseason dress rehearsal: a 45-41 victory against visiting Detroit.

Those outcomes reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the conference Super Bowl favorites. Both teams have scored gobs of points while standouts such as Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and New England tight end Rob Gronkowski set NFL records along the way. However, every bit of offense is likely needed in the postseason because the Patriots and Packers field the NFL’s 32nd- and 31st-ranked defenses, respectively.

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