2012 PGA Tour: Tiger vs. the Kids

2012 PGA Tour: Tiger vs. the Kids

Brandel Chamblee, the outspoken Golf Channel commentator and former player, has a dream scenario for the 2012 PGA Tour season that begins on Friday in Maui, and it goes something like this:

Tiger Woods finally returns to form, contending whenever he plays, but now has to do battle with the young monsters he has created. What could be better drama than, say, Woods having a birdie-for-birdie duel with Rory McIlroy on Sunday’s back nine in the Masters?

That would be quite the drama to begin the majors season.

“If it comes together, if everything that could happen goes on to happening,” Chamblee said from his Arizona home on New Year’s Day, “it would be like the confluence of the Nile and Mississippi. It could be spectacular.”

After two years of Woods battling back from scandal, injuries and swing changes, there is reason to believe it could happen. Woods won his own Chevron World Challenge in Thousand Oaks last month with a pair of closing birdies, and he seems to have found some semblance of a consistent swing.

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