Kroenke's Task: Sell Fisher on Rams

Kroenke's Task: Sell Fisher on Rams

When I first saw the video of Jeff Fisher walking across the Miami Dolphins practice field and hopping into owner Stephen Ross' fancy private helicopter on Tuesday, I have to admit a rather unusual thought crossed my mind:

"I wonder if Stan Kroenke has a magic carpet?"

Or maybe a unicorn.

In other words, whatever over-the-top display of wretched excess is needed to trump the flashy sales pitch that went on in Florida as the Dolphins began the pursuit of the NFL's newest "it" head coaching candidate, let's hope Rams owner Kroenke has already signed off on it.

It's fairly obvious that Fisher, the former Tennessee Titans coach, is at the top of everyone's list. The deep-pockets Miami owner clearly wants him. Rumors in Indianapolis say Colts owner Jim Irsay may have already sent back-channel flirtations toward Fisher. Looks like Tampa, Kansas City and Jacksonville will join the chase, too.

And several league sources say Fisher is expected to be courted hard by Kevin Demoff, the Rams' executive vice president of football operations, too. On Monday, Kroenke laid out his plans for how he believes his organization can return to success. On Tuesday we got a very good idea of who he'd like to be in charge of the turnaround.

Fisher is expected to meet with team officials by the end of the week to discuss the vacancy left when Kroenke fired head coach Steve Spagnuolo on Monday. This is a very big deal for Kroenke, the most significant move of his 17-month-old stint as majority owner.

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