Ugly Game Proves Sugar Bowl Chose Wrong

Ugly Game Proves Sugar Bowl Chose Wrong

It wasn't the worst attempt to legitimize the BCS, but it was in the bottom 95 percent.

Go ahead, pile on: Another team or teams should have been here ... It was a Sugar Bowl matchup that would have made a heck of a Capital One Bowl ... The last time this game kicked off without a top-10 team, it was 1945 ... Twelve-thousand empty Superdome seats came out disguised as disinterest.

In a game that couldn't sell enough tickets, couldn't sell itself and -- just betting here -- couldn't generate enough ratings, Michigan beat Virginia Tech 23-20 in overtime.

Boise State and Kansas State thank you. Actually, they don't. They're bitter and deserve to be. Either school's fans would have filled the place. Their football teams were better, more entertaining. But when did that count for anything in college football's fractured postseason?

It was all ugly and unfair and boring until it was good again. At the end. Dramatic, even. In overtime. Suddenly, the Michigan band struck up Hail To The Victors and it meant something besides Groundhog Day background music for a mediocre program.

There were moist eyes to go along with 11 victories. A Michigan long snapper named Jareth Glanda, who inexplicably caught a pass on a fake field goal, said the words that teared up those eyes.

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