Good Riddance to Zambrano

Good Riddance to Zambrano

Buh-bye, Big Z!

Don’t let the Cubbie door hit you on the rump on the way out!

Yes, Carlos Zambrano, the talented, troubled, 30-year-old right-handed Venezuelan pitcher — an employee in the Cubs organization since he was a lad of 17 — has finally been sent off to the mothership, into the welcoming arms of half-crazy new Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen.

That the Cubs will eat $15  million of Z’s $18 million contract for 2012 shows how badly new management wanted the clown show out of Wrigleyville.

In return, they got young Marlins right-hander Chris Volstad, a guy who went 5-13 last season. They could have gotten a tree-ripened coconut, for all the difference it made.

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