Moving Cal-Stanford to October a Bad Idea

Moving Cal-Stanford to October a Bad Idea

College football is the finest guilty pleasure in sports. The bowl games this past week have been a gas to watch. So many wild finishes. So many whoop-inducing plays. It's irresistible enjoyment -- even though in our hearts, we know how much sleaziness lurks behind the scenes at too many schools.

And I'm not even including the Penn State horror. I'm talking about more conventional sleaziness such as academic shenanigans, or boosters who slip money (or free tattoos) to players, or coaches who pursue recruiting the way that Nigerian scammers pursue email.

But in the final moments of a Rose Bowl or Fiesta Bowl or Sugar Bowl, where drama rises and swells, all of that stuff recedes. To me, the message is that no matter how screwed up things can get off the field, it's nearly impossible to screw up the college games themselves.

Unfortunately, the folks who run the sport are getting another message entirely -- namely, that fans will put up with just about anything as long as kids wearing their school's laundry run onto the grass for kickoffs 12 or 13 times a season.

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