Zambrano Has Chance for Career Renaissance

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Zambrano is still only 30 years old and may very well have some productive years left. If he can just behave himself, if he can just keep his composure, he could be a part of something special in South Florida.

Zambrano has a chance to be among a group of players -- Jose Reyes, Heath Bell, Mark Buehrle -- with an opportunity to help reinvent a franchise. If he can't succeed in this situation, he may never succeed. His friendship with new Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen should help, too.

Instead of being the No. 1 guy -- the guy expected to stop losing streaks and set an example -- Zambrano will just be a guy. Josh Johnson is the ace in South Florida, followed closely by Buehrle. All Zambrano will be expected to do is take the ball and do the things he did so well ...

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