Arkansas Will Be Contender Next Year

Arkansas Will Be Contender Next Year

Arkansas players, along with coach Bobby Petrino, like to say they're the only college football program in America with three home stadiums.

There's the one on campus in Fayetteville, Ark. There's the venue in Little Rock where the Razorbacks play twice a year. And then there's JerryWorld, the only stadium on the "home" rotation where the Hogs truly are undefeated through the years.

No. 6 Arkansas exercised its favored tenant status once again Friday night in Cowboys Stadium, outlasting No. 8 Kansas State 29-16 in an AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic that had all the pomp and circumstance of a BCS game. But without all the empty seats.

(Memo to short-sighted Sugar Bowl officials: Yes, K-State fans will travel. Do your homework next time before inviting an inferior team to sparsely populate the Superdome. And the DFW tourism industry thanks you for your foolishness).

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