Despite Loss, Future Bright for Kansas State

Despite Loss, Future Bright for Kansas State

The biggest problem with the college football bowl system is it is impossible to know what to think of the actual games. Or, more specifically: It’s impossible to know how much to care about the games.

As an experience, sure. This was big fun for everyone. About 20,000 Kansas State fans filled the baseball stadium here for a pep rally. Dallas bars and restaurants hopped all week. Hospitality suites and VIP parties were everywhere.

More than 80,000 filled the perspective-changing Cowboys Stadium and, even after a 29-16 loss you won’t find many K-State fans who regretted the trip.

But do we know anything more about K-State now than last week?

Should you care it lost what was essentially a nationally televised exhibition game, the preparation for which was split between Arkansas and the 2012 Big 12 season?

And, most important: Does anything that happened against Arkansas change the fact that K-State will and should be alongside Oklahoma as a conference favorite next season?

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