Giants Out to Whip Their 3rd Ryan

Giants Out to Whip Their 3rd Ryan

Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan has no relation to brothers Rex and Rob Ryan, which is probably a good thing for the Falcons considering the way the Giants have treated anyone named Ryan lately.

Two weeks ago, coach Rex Ryan angered the Giants when he boasted his Jets were the better team and would be the kings of New York and all that other nonsense. The Giants answered with a 29-14 beat down essentially dousing the Jets’ playoff hopes. Last week with the NFC East title and a playoff berth at stake, the Giants’ offense had little trouble ruining the game plan of Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, claiming a 31-14 victory in the Meadowlands.

The Giants will go for the Ry-fecta tomorrow when they face Matt Ryan and the Falcons in a wild-card playoff game at MetLife Stadium.

“Hopefully we’ll be 3-0 against Ryans,” Giants safety Deon Grant said with a grin. “That’s our mission: to be 3-0”

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