NFL's Best Weekend Better With Tebow

NFL's Best Weekend Better With Tebow

Demaryius Thomas and Tim Tebow ended an otherwise underwhelming wild-card round in thrilling fashion.

But let’s be honest: The real playoffs begin this week.

The divisional round is football's best weekend of the year. We get wall-to-wall football for two days, with the Super Bowl so close you can almost smell the overhype.

In the AFC, we have the Cinderellas against the heavyweights. Nothing about the run of Tim Tebow’s Broncos makes sense, so why not add a win in Foxborough to the made-for-TV drama? The Texans just won their first playoff game in franchise history and now have to win in Baltimore with a fifth-round rookie at quarterback.

The NFC is about the heavyweights. The Packers, 49ers, and Saints combined to go 41-7 this year. The Giants are the closest team left to an underdog, but they don’t really fit that role.

New York lost seven games this year in part because they played the toughest schedule of any playoff team. They have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, including a lot of players that won the title just four years ago.

Five 12-win teams are still left in the playoffs, which second most in NFL history. Add it all up, and we have a very deep, talented, and intriguing quarterfinal crop.

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