Simple: Saints' 'O' Tests 49ers' 'D'

Simple: Saints' 'O' Tests 49ers' 'D'

The New Orleans Saints offense certainly put it all out there for the 49ers to see, study, break down and possibly freak out over.

No secrets or subterfuge, just fireworks:

Drew Brees and the Saints ran 81 offensive plays Saturday against Detroit. (Which is a lot.)

Scored six touchdowns. (Three passing, three rushing.)

Gained 626 yards. (An NFL playoff record.)

And turned a tight game into a fourth-quarter runaway, revving up the engines after a slow start and blowing past Detroit, 45-28.

That means it'll be the Saints vs. the 49ers at Candlestick Park on Saturday in the NFC semifinals, a classic meeting of red-hot offense vs. steamrolling defense.

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