Tebow a Made Man - And We Love It

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Tim Tebow has never whacked a guy, but he was ordained into the NFL mafia on Sunday.

He is now a made man.

It doesn’t matter if he throws five touchdowns or five interceptions next weekend against the New England Patriots. Tebow and his mania are here to stay.

We’ll pause now to let Bill Maher set his hair on fire.

Like a lot of people, the comedian is tired of all things Tebow. They were sooo close to closure, and then the Denver Broncos miraculously beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now the best-laid plans of mice, men, John Elway and thousands of football experts have gone awry. The biggest story of 2011 will be the biggest of 2012.

We’ll pause now to let you celebrate.

You should, you know. Tebowmania is a gift for everyone....

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