Grizzlies Need More From Gay

Grizzlies Need More From Gay

Rudy Gay stepped to the line, the Grizzlies down by just four with 3:19 to go.

First shot: Doink! He missed.

Second shot: Doink! He missed again.

“Take Rudy out!” yelled a fan, from behind the Grizzlies bench.

Nobody said that making $84 million over five years would come without its pressures, you know?

Gay is feeling them now. And he should be, too.

The Grizzlies lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder at FedExForum Tuesday night, 100-95. Gay didn’t exactly cost the Grizzlies this game, but he sure didn’t help the cause any.

He went 7 of 21 from the field. He went 1 of 5 from the line.

“Tough time to stink, Rudy,” tweeted Rick Trotter, and when your public address guy is killing you, you know things aren’t going your way.

The Grizzlies actually recovered from those missed foul shots. They drew within three with less than a minute left. So head coach Lionel Hollins drew up a play for Gay, who — whoopsie — promptly lost the ball out of bounds.

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