Lots of Talk, But Will There Be Change to BCS?

Lots of Talk, But Will There Be Change to BCS?

It's real simple for Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan. Give him his SEC and the BCS can do whatever it wants with the postseason.

"As long as I'm riding Secretariat, here it is, right here: Who cares?" Hoolahan said Tuesday morning after Mardi Gras came early to Alabama, his bowl and this city, still digging out physically and psychologically from Katrina.

Secretariat is the hoss named the Southeastern Conference. It delivered again for the bowl that is the traditional home of the SEC champion. Monday resembled an SEC title game times two, to the point that the supposedly outnumbered 'Bama fans made it a 50-50 split in the 76,500-seat Superdome. The homestanding quarterback, Jordan Jefferson, actually had trouble hearing at one end of the field.

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