Anticlimactic End to Hewitt-Roddick Rivalry

Anticlimactic End to Hewitt-Roddick Rivalry

As far as careers go, it's been a dead heat. On Thursday night in Australia -- back to the present -- Hewitt and Roddick met for the 14th time. It was the earliest they've ever met in a tournament.

"Don't really have to ask around too much to find out what Andy's strengths and weaknesses are," Hewitt said before the match.

At the outset Thursday, it was Roddick playing the role of Hewitt, trying to extend points to leverage his fitness. Hewitt looked to be trying to end points as quickly as possible, often luring Roddick to net. But then, in a matter of seconds, they found their roles reversed.

Moving abruptly from left to right when Hewitt hit behind him, Roddick clearly pulled something in his upper right leg in the third game of the second set. After that, he had difficulty moving to his left. Roddick was stoic -- he even had three break points with Hewitt serving for the third set -- but in the end he retired with a hamstring injury some 2 hours, 12 minutes into the match down 3-6, 6-3, 6-4.

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