Path Clear for Patriots to Win It All

Path Clear for Patriots to Win It All

Maybe Steve Wynn wants to rethink trying to put a casino in Foxborough. If patrons are going to experience the same sort of favorable fortune that the Patriots, who can advance to Super Bowl XLVI tomorrow with a win over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game, have enjoyed this season it's not worth the trouble.

Opportunity isn't knocking on the door in Foxborough. It's bashing it down with a medieval battering ram. This might be the best chance that Tom Brady, 34, and Bill Belichick, 60 in April, have left to add to their legacy and trophy collection.

Nearly all relevant obstacles to a championship have been removed from the Patriots' path, as if Mark Henderson plowed the rest of the playoff field aside for them the way he created a tidy swath of turf for the game-winning field goal in the Snowplow Gamein 1982.

No Peyton Manning. No Ben Roethlisberger. No Rex Ryan. No Drew Brees. No Aaron Rodgers. This playoff field is as soft as a pair of Brady's UGG boots.

Events have lined up perfectly for the Patriots to host tomorrow's AFC Championship game at Gillette Stadium and punch their ticket to a fifth Super Bowl in 11 seasons. Call it karma for Patriots owner Robert Kraft helping to save football and end the lockout.

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