Niners Earn Glory - and a Ticket Home

Niners Earn Glory - and a Ticket Home

There is glory in being part of the resurrection of a dog-dead franchise in one excellent season - zero to 60 in 18 games.

There is glory in being the surprise team of the NFL, and in fighting your way to the NFC Championship Game.

There is glory in earning - the hard way - the reputation as the baddest men in pads. When was the last time you heard that said about a 49ers team?

And there is glory in fighting to the final play in overtime in the who-goes-to-the-Super Bowl game, before losing to the Giants 20-17.

The 49ers didn't fade out, or get to the conference-title game and wilt under the spotlight. In baseball lingo, they didn't get cheated out of their swings.

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