Victory - and Future - Escape Ravens

Victory - and Future - Escape Ravens

It had everything.

Tom Brady and Ray Lewis, the greatest players of their generation on each side of the ball, jawing at each other.

Joe Flacco given chance after chance to redeem himself, finally leading his team downfield for a tying or go-ahead score in the final two minutes.

A maligned New England defense showing it can stop someone; a maligned Baltimore offense, about to close the deal in the crucible of the AFC championship game.

Unsung heroes, lead changes and an inexplicable, wild finish — a 32-yard field goal to send it into overtime — a “kick I’ve kicked 1,000 times,” said Ravens place kicker Billy Cundiff.

“I just had someone tell me that’s the first kick I’ve missed in the fourth quarter all season,” he said, swallowing. The stat was used to bolster his late-game credentials, but somehow it made the miss that killed Baltimore even worse.

Wide left? Wide left.

The game that had everything left the Ravens with nothing.

Gillette Stadium goes berserk. The Ravens go home — for good.

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