Expect 49ers to Maintain Aggression

Expect 49ers to Maintain Aggression

Jim Harbaugh was not over the defeat. That was as plain as the khaki pants he wears to every Monday media session.

Harbaugh was not eager to revisit the NFC title game loss to the New York Giants. Harbaugh cited a quote from Sir Andrew Barton about bravely rising to fight again, but he conceded to looking back at the 20-17 overtime loss and revisiting various plays or choices.

"I think we're all going through that right now, to where we look at ourselves, look at yourself in the mirror," Harbaugh said. "What could you have done differently? Wishing you had done the other because you know the way the decision worked out."

After the still-largely-unbelievable turnaround 49ers season, it is obvious that most of Harbaugh's decisions worked out over the past six months. He deserves an A-plus on his report card (with a gold star) for the way he reconstituted a 6-10 team into a 13-3 division champion. Along the way, there were many unpredictable and entertaining escapades. Harbaugh used the words "amazing" and "incredible" to describe the ride.

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