Are Teams Skirting the Rooney Rule?

Are Teams Skirting the Rooney Rule?

This firing season has been long and brutal, with some coaches saying it has been one of the worst in recent years. The most merciless he’s seen in over a decade is how one assistant coach described it. Another said this: blacks are being shut out of the process.

That is a theme among not a significant number of black NFL assistant coaches. Based on interviews with a number of black assistants the feeling is that some teams in the NFL are skirting the Rooney Rule -- which since 2003 has required NFL teams to interview at least one minority candidate before making a hire.

Some assistants said that several NFL teams have blatantly defied that rule. These assistants did not want to be identified out of fear of reprisals from the NFL. They also would not identify the teams.

An NFL spokesman vehemently denied this, saying every team has complied with the mandate.

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