White Achieves Perfection in Halfpipe

White Achieves Perfection in Halfpipe

Perfection. Shaun White, the iconic snowboarding master of halfpipe, already had his five-peat.

But in his third and final victory spin down the Winter X Games superpipe Sunday night, the flame-maned pipe slayer went higher, spun more and notched a historic 100-point score. It was the first perfect score and perfect run ever seen in a halfpipe contest.

At the top of the pipe, White's coach, Bud Keane, predicted White would earn a perfect score if he could cleanly stick his run, which included the first-ever back-to-back double-cork 1260s.

"I was thinking he was just excited. I came through and everything felt perfect," said White, his right eye black and a bloody scar on his chin from failing to stick the last trick of his second run. "I don't know if I've ever landed my double Mc12 as clean as I have tonight, and that just set me up perfect for the frontside double-cork 12. I guess the first ever to do back to back double-cork 12s. I definitely earned the black eye here going for it."

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