Clippers Finally Have All-Stars in L.A.

Clippers Finally Have All-Stars in L.A.

The Clippers were so nonchalant about Blake Griffin and Chris Paul being chosen to start for the Western Conference in the NBA All-Star game that you'd almost think it happens every day.

Public-address announcer David Courtney made a quick proclamation to the crowd before Thursday's 112-91 loss to the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center, drawing a swell of applause that was lost in the buildup to the opening tipoff.

Photos of the two players wearing All-Star uniforms were posted on the center-hanging scoreboard, but the team staged no pregame news conference for the duo. The Clippers' media relations department issued a polite statement from each player before the game that said all the right things about being honored and thanking their teammates and the fans who cast ballots.

No fireworks. No confetti.

Just an everyday occurrence for the Clippers — if yesterday had been 32 years ago.

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