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Well, here we are again, stuck with a predicament that has become all too common. This is the ninth year that Football Outsiders has covered the NFL, and the fourth time in those nine years that a team has made the Super Bowl after following an inconsistent and overall mediocre regular season with a spectacular postseason run.

Before 2003, only one team in NFL history outscored its regular-season opponents by less than 50 points and still made a Super Bowl: The 1979 Los Angeles Rams. Since 2003, this has happened four times: the 2003 Carolina Panthers, the 2007 New York Giants, the 2008 Arizona Cardinals, and now the 2011 New York Giants, the first team to ever make the Super Bowl after being outscored in the regular season.

(Note that the 2005 Steelers and 2010 Packers, despite being sixth seeds, don't fall into this category. Those teams were very good in the regular...

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