Heat Arrogance Leading to Complacency

Heat Arrogance Leading to Complacency

Confidence and arrogance. You would struggle to slide a single strand between them. Sometimes, on a team with the Heat's talent, a healthy measure of the former turns into a dangerous dose of the latter.

The Heat has had arrogant episodes - when it doesn't appear to take an opponent seriously at the start. When it drifts while way ahead. When one of its stars abandons collective concepts and tries to save the night single-handedly.

Arrogance isn't a word that athletes typically choose for self-appraisal, but Erik Spoelstra and his players seemed to acknowledge something close to that after squandering an 18-point lead in Wednesday's 105-97 loss at Milwaukee.

They uniformly spoke of the ball "sticking" on offense, of a lack of discipline on defense, and of carelessness with possessions.

And Thursday after practice, LeBron James said it best.

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