Rose Shows Knicks What They're Lacking

Rose Shows Knicks What They're Lacking

Two forces seemingly conspired to make this another tough night for the Knicks, no matter how many national TV cameras were in the building or how much star power was on the floor and in the high-dollar seats at Madison Square Garden.

First, the Bulls dislike anything but winning, and haven't lost back-to-back games all season. Having lost Wednesday night in Philadelphia, it seemed pretty clear what was coming.

"We don't like losing," Derrick Rose was saying at his locker, after the Bulls beat the Knicks 105-102 on Thursday night. "We have winners on this team."

Add Rose's affinity for playing at the Garden, and it was a recipe for the end of the Knicks' suddenly notable one-game winning streak, their second such rampage in three weeks.

"I love playing here," Rose said. "The crowd really loves basketball, and they know basketball. I just love the energy here. They love their team and they talk about you. I love it."

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