Time to Give Blogs Journalists Their Due

Time to Give Blogs Journalists Their Due

Item: It’s time to respect blog reporting as simply another platform to provide information with the same reporting standards as any other media.

When we worked in Syracuse at WSYR radio running the sports department for almost a decade in its salad days a while back, it was also the beginning of the changing of an era from the media professionally and entertainingly reporting the news, to starting to blend into becoming part of the news as well.

The media was beginning to cover the media, eventually the same entity was even covering itself (see ESPN), as practically another entertainment channel to choose from. Of course, in an online/mobile world now of an almost infinite list of destinations to choose from, that’s the norm, along with sites linking to other sites, the linking via Facebook/Twitter, and whatever new device is out there. Everybody’s connected, and the lines can get blurry.

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