Missouri's Haith Proving Doubters Wrong

Missouri's Haith Proving Doubters Wrong

I remember the day Missouri hired Frank Haith.

It was the night before last year's national title game. I was at an Irish bar near Rice University enjoying dinner and drinks with a group of fellow writers. We were having a pleasant time. And then everybody became distracted by their phones. I got a text that read simply, "Haith to Mizzou?" So I stepped away to make a call. About three other people at the table got similar texts and made similar calls. And we were all being kind of secretive until somebody finally said, "You hearing Haith-to-Missouri, too?"

Eventually, the story broke.

We all tweeted the news in some form.

Then we all tweeted jokes and generally mocked the hire.

"And I read it," Haith told me late Saturday night. "I read all of it."

And now I hope he's reading this, too. Because we were wrong. We were all wrong. Me and every other so-called expert at that table that night were wrong.

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