Supermodel's Super Bowl Hex

Supermodel's Super Bowl Hex

Since the beginning of time, ladies have been mucking things up for their men.

Eve was the first reported offender, causing the fall of man and spoiling the innocent fun of no-pants parties for generations to come. Her meddling eventually led to Susan B. Anthony's incessant yapping about giving women the right to vote, then Gloria Steinem started harping about women's lib and, yada yada yada, you have today's woman, who is always sticking her nose in something.

If it weren't for the devious and tempting ways of women, the world's favorite politicians, musicians, actors and athletes would never falter or fail. As everyone knows, Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles, Bridgette Wilson destroyed Pete Sampras' career and if Elin Woods had just been a little more understanding, we wouldn't have had to endure two years of a title-less Tiger.

The latest man to lose his edge because of a woman? Two-time Super Bowl loser Tom Brady.

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