Appreciating Duke-Carolina Rivalry

Appreciating Duke-Carolina Rivalry

A few years ago, I ran into an exasperated writer from a national magazine who'd been dispatched to Tobacco Road to find a fresh story about the Duke-North Carolina game. He exhaled melodramatically and asked me; What hasn't already been written about the greatest rivalry in college basketball for the last 30 years?

This week I've felt his pain. Heck, I must've brainstormed for a solid 11 minutes on this one. I thought about speaking to a married couple I know, one of whom works in Cameron Indoor Stadium, the other in the Smith Center. Yawn. I pondered driving to a Bojangles' halfway between Duke and UNC to poll local fans over chicken biscuits and tea, which no doubt would have ruined a perfectly good lunch. Naturally, I considered a visit to Krzyzewskiville, but that's been done so often I hear some of the Crazies have hired publicists. I even thought about walking from Cameron to the Dean Dome just to prove how close these two archrivals really are. (OK, I didn't think about that one for very long.)

Then it hit me.

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