Beginning of the End of a Great Rivalry?

Beginning of the End of a Great Rivalry?

"However, Wednesday night’s game could be remarkable for one sad and unfortunate reason. It’s possible that Wednesday could mark the last time that Syracuse and Georgetown will meet as Big East Conference foes at the Dome."

Reading those words in this Mike Waters piece yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks.

While it is possible Syracuse and Georgetown could meet twice next season before Syracuse exists the Big East, if there is only one meeting on the schedule it will be in Washington D.C.

Syracuse then heads off to the ACC and, well, who knows what happens after that?

Daryl Gross, Jim Boeheim, and others have been on the record as saying that efforts will be made to keep Georgetown on the schedule.

We shall see about that.

But the ugly truth is this great rivalry now has something on it that great rivalries are not supposed to have.

A ticking clock.

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