Magic Would Be Mistaken to Fire Coach

Magic Would Be Mistaken to Fire Coach

There are only two possible scenarios whereby the Magic should fire Stan Van Gundy:

Dwight Howard goes to management and says he'll sign a long-term extension if he can name his coach.

Hell freezes over.

It is sheer idiocy for any reasonable Magic fan to think their team can do better than Van Gundy. In fact, Magic fans probably should be kissing up to Stan like they're kissing up to Dwight. At least Van Gundy wants to be here.

A local rock band recently recorded a song and a music video entitled "We Love You Dwight!" After Dwight leaves maybe the band can do a sequel: "We Need You Stan!"

Sometimes I think Magic fans fail to realize just what they have in Van Gundy, who is commonly recognized as one of the top three or four coaches in the NBA. I'll even take it a step further: When Dwight leaves, Van Gundy will be the Magic's most valuable asset – more valuable than any single player on their roster. True, this doesn't speak very highly of the roster, but it does speak highly of Van Gundy's status in the pecking order of NBA coaches.

You want to fire Van Gundy? Go ahead. The Magic might actually be doing him a favor. If it happened, Van Gundy would get the multi-million-dollar buyout remaining on his contract and then would either (A) go make a bunch more money as a colorful and controversial NBA commentator like his brother or (B) get another coaching job offer almost immediately. Believe me, there would be wayward franchises (see Knicks) who might actually fire their current coach just so they could hire Van Gundy.

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