A Reminder of What Big East Will Miss

A Reminder of What Big East Will Miss

Scoop Jardine sat on a couch in the Syracuse locker room. In one of the best games of the college basketball season, his Syracuse team had just beaten Georgetown 64-61 in overtime and Jardine had changed into a shirt that may be a collector's item someday. Like, in three months.

It said: RIVALRY WEEK. The dates of Syracuse's games with Georgetown (Wednesday night) and Connecticut (Saturday) were on it.

Syracuse is leaving the Big East for the Atlantic Coast Conference, a move that feels both smart and depressing. Syracuse gets what every athletic director wants: a financial windfall, long-term security and a chance to play Duke in football. Pittsburgh is leaving for the same reasons. Truth is, almost every school would leave for the same reasons. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are just dominoes in a bigger movement -- not the first and not the last. This week, the Big East plucked Memphis out of Conference USA in a blatant attempt to have a team, any team, in all 50 states. And I don't think anybody in the Big East feels bad for Conference USA.

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