Suns' Nash Continues to Defy Age

Suns' Nash Continues to Defy Age

The Suns' 38-year-old playmaker continues to defy the calendar, and if he is selected to his eighth All-Star Game when the NBA announces reserves Thursday, he would be among the oldest players named to the mid-season feature.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was an All-Star at 41. Michael Jordan played in an All-Star Game eight days before his 40th birthday. Karl Malone was 38 when he was named to the 2002 game, although he didn't play.

A legend?

With two NBA Most Valuable Player Awards and arguably the best all-around shooting statistics in the history of the league -- more on that later -- Nash qualifies.

But unlike the players mentioned above, Nash's numbers are even better over the second half of his career than the first half.

An All-Star in 2012?

There was little doubt that Nash belongs with the Western Conference team for the Feb. 26 game in Orlando even before that game-winning shot Tuesday night in Milwaukee while playing a fourth game in five nights across several time zones.

"He kind of toyed with us, but he does that to a lot of people," Bucks coach Scott Skiles told reporters after the game.

Skiles once argued as a Suns assistant coach that the Suns should trade Jason Kidd and hold on to Nash rather than the other way around.

Of course, the Suns' 11-14 record doesn't help Nash's case.

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