Wizards Should Consider Gary Williams

Wizards Should Consider Gary Williams

As we laugh and cry through a season of "Wrongway McGee and his pathetic Band of Misfits" at the Verizon Center this NBA season, in between guffaws and groans is speculation about the future of the Washington Wizards.

It's not a pretty picture, in part because owner Ted Leonsis publicly seems disconnected from what Wizards fans are watching this season.

He seems to see a glass half full.

Wizards fans, however, see the glass filled to the top -- with rat poison.

This disconnect is likely not reality for Leonsis. It flies in the face of his track record with the Washington Capitals; he has been very connected to hockey fans and the product he is selling them.

So put the glass down and consider that the future will be different. Open your mind to the possibilities of fun coming back to Fun Street.

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