All in, All Lin: New Sensation Does It Again

All in, All Lin: New Sensation Does It Again

What Jeremy Lin has done over the past week far exceeds his statistics, which surpass those of some of the greatest to ever play in the NBA. Lin is delivering the two most valuable commodities in sports: hope and surprise.

All of a sudden, there's optimism in what had been a dismal New York Knicks season, a year filled with injuries and a clogged-up offense. And it's come from the most unlikely of sources: a guy whose contract wasn't even guaranteed until Tuesday. It's come from an undrafted player who was cut by two teams after NBA offices opened for business in December following the end of the lockout. It's come from a guy who was buried in the fourth spot on the Knicks' point guard depth chart -- and that wasn't even counting the injured Baron Davis, the presumed starter upon his return.

The ball, the accolades, the back pages of the New York tabloids -- they all belong to Lin right now. He just did the impossible: He exceeded all the hype the New York media (and, uh, conspiratory national networks) could muster. The buildup provided by his 76 points in his previous three games -- Lin topped himself with 38 points and seven assists in the Knicks' 92-85 victory Friday night.

Against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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