$150 Million Later, Iverson Flailing

$150 Million Later, Iverson Flailing

He always did have a craving for ice and rarely hesitated to indulge it.

That ice is melting now. So diamonds, it turns out, really are not forever.

A Georgia judge has ordered Allen Ezail Iverson to pay a jeweler about $860,000. But apparently he can't, so his bank account has been commandeered, and his earnings, whatever of them may be left, are to be garnisheed.

The King of Bling, it would seem, is about to become the Prince of Pawn.

The man who is the best small scorer in the history of the NBA, who lit up Philadelphia nights with his pyrotechnic play, is said to have worked his way through the better part of - big inhale here - $150 million.

He's 36 years old.

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