Could Bunting Revive Teixeira?

Could Bunting Revive Teixeira?

Three years after signing Mark Teixeira, the Yankees have reason to be moderately disappointed with their $180 million first baseman.

There were no complaints following his first season in pinstripes, when his combined on-base and slugging percentages were third in the American League and the Yankees won the World Series.

But since then, his value has headed south. According to, his play in 2010-11 was worth $32 million to the Yankees, well short of the $44 million he was paid.

In most respects, the switch-hitting Teixeira of 2010-11 was statistically identical to the player he was from 2004 to 2009. His power has remained consistent from both sides of the plate, while his strikeout-to-walk ratio has held steady as a left-handed batter and actually improved from the right side.


The culprit has been his batting average on balls in play, particularly from the left side.

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