Lin's Rise Helps Propel His Agent

Lin's Rise Helps Propel His Agent

It was the equivalent of a cold call. The agent from San Antonio sent the Harvard coach some literature, and the Harvard coach passed it on to the family of the player.

That’s how it started. No one put in a good word. The family interviewed a number of agents, and he was one. They had a conference call, then a Skype interview, then a personal meeting.

Few others in basketball thought much of it. The agent was as nameless as the player.

What followed, then, isn’t just about the rise of Jeremy Lin.

The agent, Roger Montgomery, talked about this as he walked to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night to watch his client dish out 13 assists and get another win. Montgomery said he and Lin planned to squeeze in a dinner after the Knicks-Kings game, but he hadn’t seen him yet.

“Those days of just hanging out are over,” Montgomery said on his cell.

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