Don't Take LeBron's Comments Seriously

Don't Take LeBron's Comments Seriously

Sometimes, politeness doesn't pay.

On an unseasonably warm day in Cleveland, LeBron James continued trying to thaw his relationship with the city's fans, by refusing to rule out the possibility of playing for them again, instead of against them - as he will Friday night as a member of the Heat.

Naturally, it became another scorching national story.

James' latest controversial quotes Thursday came in response to questions from a throng of 20 media members, most based locally, many familiar. The quotes came on the old practice floor inside Q Arena, a court where he worked as a rookie, before Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert built a state-of-the-art practice facility in suburban Independence, partly to the star's specifications. The quotes came after he spent two nights, with Dwyane Wade as a house guest, at his sprawling residence in Akron, not mingling at all with the populace.

Could James envision ever returning to the Cavaliers?

A question loaded with every explosive imaginable.

Now, here's where James could have gone three ways.

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