Illinois' Weber Should Have Kept Quiet

Illinois' Weber Should Have Kept Quiet

After Illinois lost to Purdue 67-62, Weber supported the worst criticism of him by admitting he hadn't created a disciplined, structured environment for players to develop championship habits. Potential Illinois recruits, cover your ears.

"The last three years all I did was worry about winning instead of developing a culture and toughness,'' Weber said.

Worse, Weber openly blamed players — faulting Meyers Leonard's effort and Brandon Paul's shot selection on a final 3-point attempt.

"I don't know what he was thinking, to be honest,'' Weber said.

Honestly, what was Weber thinking?

On a roll, Weber also regretted not benching Leonard and Paul in January and complained his players "don't have great basketball savvy.''

The same could be said for Weber's PR sense. One of the Big Ten's most sincere, likable coaches made a bad situation worse by simply being too honest for his own good.

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