NASCAR Circus Invades Daytona Beach

NASCAR Circus Invades Daytona Beach

Media day at Daytona, similar to media day at the Super Bowl, is more about the show than it is about what you know.

Maybe not quite that zany. I checked with NASCAR PR guru Kerry Tharp. The big tent here didn't have a reporter from MTV or Nickelodeon.

Oh, well. One reporter -- Tommy Wissing -- came from the Netherlands. He brought a pair of wooden shoes painted in the theme of Tony Stewart's No. 14 Chevy.

"Those are cool," Stewart said. "But I don't think I can wear them. My feet won't take it."

Racing shoes were the footwear of the day. One by one, every driver paraded through in his (or her, in one case) shiny new firesuit. They smiled for the row of TV cameras. They joked with reporters. They went live on radio and TV shows.

Serious questions sometimes take a backseat to offbeat ideas. What did we learn?

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