Seattle Has Plan; Now It Needs Teams

Seattle Has Plan; Now It Needs Teams

If they build it, who will come?

That's the biggest question left by Thursday's announcement regarding the plan to build an arena in the Sodo District.

While the idea of a shiny new arena in Seattle might be nice, it won't amount to much without tenants from the NBA and NHL. In fact, it wouldn't amount to anything. Mayor Mike McGinn said construction cannot start until NBA and NHL franchises have been secured.

So which teams might that be? Could the Sacramento Kings really wind up playing basketball here as soon as next fall, as some have speculated? How about the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes, who are in their third year of being owned and operated by the league?

While fans in Seattle might be talking about all the possibilities and permutations, the NBA itself opted for the sound of crickets chirping.

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